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MIKE MCLAUGHLIN: Stepfather of the Bride
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What people are saying about "Stepfather of the Bride"

I am so glad I searched for something like this and found it!!!! It was such a special moment, and the song was a big hit, everyone was in tears. Thank you for writing a song that shows the special bond between a stepfather and his daughter.
L. Back

We bought this and played it at my cousin's wedding this past weekend, for her and her stepfather to dance to. There was not a dry eye in the entire place. Even the big burly men had tears in their eyes. Thanks you for helping make someone's day so much more special
Michelle Jones

I have to say could not write a better song. It is perfect for my wedding this Saturday. It's nice to know there still people out there, with time to think of someone else. Hope the song stays a big hit. I know it will in my book. Can't wait for those happy tears to fall in two days. Never thought I would find that perfect song.. But I did.
Danielle (the Bride to be)

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